Land transportation is useful for national and international shipments travelling to neighbouring countries.
The various advantages include direct delivery to the end client and consolidation of trade relations thanks to secure, traceable shipping, and indeed, in many countries this is the still one of the most commonly-used methods of transportation.
We also handle dedicated express transportation throughout Europe.

Recommended for rapid, economical deliveries, without cutting back on quality of service.
Sea transportation is one of the most commonly-used methods. Our network enables us to manage shipments quickly and efficiently, selecting the ideal route based on the type of freight to be transported.
We make sea transportation simple, because our staff take care of all the shipping and customs procedures.
If you have problems of limited space, we can store your container at our Italian or Swiss warehouses.

The best solution for rapid, secure long-distance delivery.
Air transportation of goods and freight has been considered the pinnacle of reliability for years: offering absolute product security during transportation and unbeatably rapid delivery, on both short and long-haul routes. From a commercial viewpoint, it also offers an opportunity to create pathways into markets in countries previously considered very difficult to reach.
We handle the issuing of AWBs directly.